Keep small pieces of luggage and clothes always clean

To ensure the comfort and peace of mind of our guests, we offer a laundry service that includes both a wash and a wash and dry option, designed to be easy and convenient to use. The cost covers both detergent and fabric softener, thus simplifying your experience. We have a room with washing machines and dryers for your use. 



  1. Open the door
  2. Place what you want to wash inside
  3.  The washing machine itself adds the correct dose of DETERGENT and SOFTENER
  4.  Close the door
  5. Insert coins
  6.  Select the desired washing cycle 
  7. Press START 
  8. When the washing cycle has finished, wait a few minutes for the door
    to unlock. Remove your clothes 


  1. Open the door 
  2. Clean the filter 
  3.  Load the dryer 
  4. Close the door 
  5. Insert COINS 
  6. Select drying cycle
  7. Press START 
  8.  When the cycle has finished, remove your clothes immediately
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