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Once upon a time there was a sea between two lands, shared by gods and men, called Mare Nostrum by some of the people who knew it, a place where myth and reality used to merge. Legendary navigators, such as the Argonauts, and others of flesh and blood travelled through these waters. They all lived on this sea Feared and revered, the Mediterranean was the realm of Poseidon, sometimes calm and sometimes enraged. For thousands of years, the inhabitants of these coasts have tried to discover the secrets of this rich source of life, guarded by the winds, that over time has revealed all its mysteries.

Mare Nostrum

Deep tissue massage '50 85,00€
Massage technique that works on the muscles deeply. It relaxes and gets the muscles to recover quickly.
Deep tissue massage with arnica and calendula '60 95,00€
Deep tissue massage with these two common plants that grow in the pyrenees and have anti-inflammatory and calming properties.
Relaxation massage '50 80,00€
Relax and relieve daily stress with this massage. Switch off your thoughts and enjoy the calm.
Deep relaxation massage '80 120,00€
A combination of different relaxation techniques that will take you wherever you want.
Aromatherapy massage '50 95,00€
Relaxing massage with special oils dedicated to physical and mental well-being.
Foot reflexology '50 80,00€
We work on the reflex areas of the feet to relieve tension and find general well-being.
Head and face relaxation '25 55,00€
Relaxation massage with gentle movements on the neck, skull and face.
Back and neck massage '25 55,00€
Relaxation of back and neck muscles to release the tensions of everyday life.
Tired legs massage '25 55,00€
Suitable to eliminate the feeling of heavy legs and relieve fatigue.
Relaxing foot massage '25 55,00€
Gentle and relaxing movements on the sole of the foot to facilitate relaxation.

One of the legends spread by the “parlotaires” (those who used to tell stories) during the second half of the 19th century is known as “The Hymn of Orpheus”. This story is part of the Renaissance folklore of the Empordà region and has all the characteristics of a neoclassical influence. The legends of the “parlotaires” have no written text, we only have an oral tradition thanks to which we are aware of them now.

Venus and Orpheus

Massage for couples '50 170,00€
Relaxing massage for couples and two glasses of cava to celebrate eternal love..
Massage with candles for couples '50 180,00€
Relaxing massage with hot shea candles. Enjoy the feeling of incomparable softness and well-being. At the end of the massage, you will enjoy two glasses of cava.
Diamond ritual for couples (two people) '90 290,00€
Relaxing 30-minute massage in the private wellness area with a bottle of cava juvé & camps, some snacks and 60 minutes to enjoy the private wellness area.
Ritual diamond deluxe '120 400,00€
Relaxing 60-minute massage in the private wellness area with a bottle of moët & chandon, snacks and 60 minutes to enjoy the private wellness area.
Night supplement (from 9 pm to midnight) 200,00€

When the deities roamed the world, long before the arrival of the Greeks to the Catalan coast, the divine Orpheus fell madly in love with Venus, the passion was so intense that he could not stop thinking about the goddess, whom he turned into his muse for the most beautiful compositions. At night, Orpheus would go to see Venus, and under her window, accompanied by a lyre, he would sing his melodious songs until the sunrise. For the first few days, the goddess did not approach the window because she was afraid that her husband Vulcan would find out about those visits, but in the days to come, her feminine instinct was stronger than fear and she put her head out the window, showing herself to Orpheus who dedicated the best songs in his repertoire to her.

Roques de l’Encís

Journey to the spice trade 120,00€
This beauty trip will allow you to discover the ayurvedic aromas of wonderful and intense notes. It is a spiritual journey of 1000 fragrances, a true legacy of traditions. The secret of the african women’ beauty is shea butter. This product is a rejuvenating treatment that has regenerating and nourishing properties. It softens the epidermis while nourishing it in depth.
Journey to udaipur '80 120,00€
Musk, incense and vanilla: An elegant, feminine and charming trip, straight to the heart of beauty. Udaipur, the hindu venice, gives us notes of musk, incense and vanilla. This ritual of perfumes and cosmetics is intended to relax the body and make our mind travel.
Journey to the delights '80 105,00€
Orange and orange blossom: Inspired by oriental gardens full of orange blossoms. This delicate and soothing flower has been used for centuries in beauty treatments due to its many benefits and has been the delicious and sensual hero of many ancestral rituals.
Journey to darjeeling '80 105,00€
Green tea and ginger Near the himalayas, we find the freshest green tea. It is one of the beauty secrets of asian women and, in addition to the ginger root, a species full of mystery due to its sweet and spicy perfume, that provides many detox properties to the skin.

As the days went by, peacefully and harmoniously, Venus was getting ready to put her head out the window and Orpheus was singing, full of inspiration. The goddess was ready to confess her love to Orpheus, but Jupiter, who had long been attracted to Venus, went to visit her and declared his love for her first. So compelling were Jupiter’s reasons that the goddess accepted the proposal of her new lover.

In the evening, Orpheus went to sing the serenade to Venus and, full of inspiration, sang one of his most beautiful compositions. Jupiter was with Venus at the time and was very pleased with the sweet tone he heard so he opened the window to meet the singer.

Despite the goddess’s efforts to prevent this, as she did not want to upset Orpheus, Jupiter opened the window wide and showed himself to Orpheus, who had the unpleasant surprise of seeing the beautiful presence of Venus replaced by the magnificent beard of the god. A few days after this incident, the divine Orpheus took his lyre and decided to embark on a ship ready to find in the sea the happiness he had lost. After sailing for a long time, a strong storm sank the ship, and our hero, thanks to his wooden lyre, was able to survive. It took a few hours until the lyre, swept away by the current, reached a small islet. Already on the mainland, Orpheus believed himself saved and as the stars shone in the sky at night, the instinct of a poet he had inside, inspired him to sing a hymn about the greatness of the storm he had just experienced.