Building a sustainable future

Plaza Terra Viva is a sustainable foundation that strives to improve the socio-cultural, economic and environmental conditions of Begur, a small town located in Catalonia, Spain.

At Terra Viva we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to drive sustainable development and protect the natural resources that make our community unique.

The Plaza Terra Viva Foundation is built on sustainability, community participation and innovative practices. Our aim is to create a more sustainable and equitable future for Begur by inspiring, educating and engaging with community stakeholders.

The personality of our organization represents our value for collaboration, optimism, trust and innovation. Ultimately, our goal is to create a more livable and vibrant community that values environmental preservation and social development.

Our goal is to create lasting positive impacts on the people,

fauna and flora of this region.

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We believe in building trust and fostering strong relationships with our stakeholders, such as residents, tourist organizations, government agencies, and sustainable organizations.

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Our focus is on education, collaboration, and community engagement through the promotion of sustainable practices, locally sourced products, and the development of ecological resources.

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The Foundation supports local communities, government agencies, and ecological organizations in creating a greener and more fair region.

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The essence of the Foundation is reflected in our commitment to community participation, education, and collaboration with like-minded organizations.

Our values

Fair distribution of resources

and opportunities

Our approach is to create access to resources and opportunities for all community members to ensure a fair distribution of wealth, knowledge and benefits.

Sustainability and preservation

of the environment

We strive to achieve a sustainable future by preserving the natural resources that make our region unique.

Commitment to the community and social development

We believe that people are key to the success of sustainable development. In this way we encourage local collaboration and social development.

Preservation and cultural diversity

Our goal is to preserve the diverse cultural heritage of Begur by promoting various cultural events.

Educational and innovative practices

We actively use innovative and educational practices to promote sustainable development and environmental protection.


Construction of an electric boat

with no barriers

It is a project carried out by a member of Talaia’s team. It will allow people with functional diversity and / or physical disabilities to do water activities, sea therapies or simply embark to see the wonders of nature and enter the seabed in a totally sustainable boat.

The objective is to make carrying out this recreational activity possible, while respecting the environment and promoting the values of sustainability and social inclusion.


The Plaza Terra Viva Foundation and the Tramuntana Organization have decided to join forces to promote social inclusion and promote the employability of people at risk of social exclusion in the Costa Brava area.

In this sense, the Plaza Terra Viva Foundation acts as a link between Talaia Plaza EcoResort and the Tramuntana Organization for the hiring of people who are part of this organization in the different labor insertion programs. Tramuntana will facilitate the selection and hiring processes, as well as guarantee adequate prior training for the people who have to be hired by the EcoResort.

The collaboration also includes visits to the Organization, as well as the assignment of its space to carry out activities and exchange experiences.

Reforestation project of native flora

A reforestation project that consists of repopulating areas of Talaia Plaza EcoResort with native species is being carried out. For this reason, planting and maintenance tasks are being done on trees and plants.

In addition, there are several events and activities to raise funds for this project, in which both EcoResort customers and locals can participate. Hotel guests will also be able to allocate a percentage of the amount of their stay to this initiative.

Another activity that is carried out is the monitoring and study of the fauna and flora of the area of Begur. This will allow us to better understand its current situation and take more specific measures for conservation and improvement.