Sustainability Policy

From Talaia Plaza EcoResort we have a very firm commitment to the planet. Every day we strive to make our accommodations as sustainable as possible, and that is why we put at your disposal our Sustainability Policy, in which we explain our principles and values.

Among the objectives of our action plan are the control and analysis of consumption reports, the setting of sustainability and development objectives, the development of an environmental action plan, the monitoring of recommendations for energy efficiency and the promotion of ecological campaigns and activities such as our Program for the Protection of Native Flora and Fauna.

Our values

Our environmental values are a guide that all our collaborators must follow in order to work in line and in a sustainable and intelligent way:

Co-responsibility: we are aware of and assume our responsibility, both individually and collectively, in the face of the destruction of nature.

Empathy: we identify with nature and understand that everything that affects it also affects us. In short, saving the planet is also saving ourselves and future generations.

Coherence: we act accordingly with what we express. If our goal is to preserve nature, we must act with actions that develop this idea.

Respect: not only with each other, but with all the forms of life that exist and with our environment. Without nature and its resources, our life would not be possible.

Solidarity: we protect natural resources without distinction from the area in which they are located and without expecting anything in return.

Austerity: we are aware of what we consume and the real needs we have. This value is carried out with reduction and reuse.

Social responsibility and local commitment

At Talaia Plaza EcoResort we are aware of the consequences and impacts generated by our tourist activity in the destination. That is why, in our day to day, we ensure a model committed to sustainability and social responsibility in which we defend trust, respect and human rights to make Begur a clean, safe, prosperous and healthy destination to visit, live and work in.

The 2030 Agenda of the United Nations (UN) is our axis of progress towards more sustainable tourism through the fight against climate change, the defense of the environment and the promotion of social equality, while all our internal and external collaborators participate in these principles.

At Talaia Plaza EcoResort we work continuously in search of general well-being over the particular to increase efficiency and protect the natural and social environment.

In the same way, we actively take care of the relationship with our suppliers, sharing the environmental commitments mentioned above, ensuring safety and health at work and moving towards the integration of sustainable products and services in our resort, in order to contribute to a more responsible business model with our environment.